Wild + Woman Magazine

The Wild Woman Magazine loves, supports, and champions amazing women. I still can’t believe they included me in their Waymaker edition. This kind of support gave me an enormous amount of confidence and showed me that people want to hear stories of how other people do life. In spite of my shame I told my story.

My story of incarceration and triumph. Of drug addiction and sobriety. Of walking through the most unimaginable experience ever and coming out the other side a different human being. My story of survivors guilt. Why did I make it out alive and other people don’t?




I want to continue to make a way for the women who are getting out of prison after me. I want them to know that there are hundreds of beautiful, loving, forgiving and supportive people out there in every single community. I want these women to know that they are worth going after it.

and the newest Outsider edition

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