Speaking Engagements

  • Potentially interested in having me speak at your event?
  • I give highly rated and highly engaging talks.  My goal is for every attendee to leave with confidence, useful ideas and awareness techniques they can immediately apply.
  • Local Southern Oregon organizations supporting youth, jails and prisons, please reach out – I will speak pro bono or help you find another great engaging speaker.


The HECC dinner at SOU Ashland was an amazing opportunity to tell Southern Oregon educators about my experience as a non-traditional student getting out of prison. It had been 30 years since I had been in college and to say I had some fear was an understatement. I was lucky to have wonderful people put in my path from my first step through the doors of Rogue Community College, to transferring and finding the perfect major at Southern Oregon University. The key to my success was transparency. I owned my story. It was hard and I had to push past shame but that’s where the magic happens. I talked about my tutor, applying for financial aid and scholarships. I spoke about support being a cornerstone to my success.

The WiLL luncheon was a wonderful event. I had received a scholarship for school and was anxious to talk about how their generosity affected me.


The Hearth Community is a local storytelling event in Ashland, Oregon. Six wonderful stories were told with the theme Rites of Passage. I was the last person to speak in front of nearly 400 community members, most of which had not known of my time in prison.



The Women’s Leadership Conference of Southern Oregon was a spectacular event. We spoke on The Value of Disrupting Leadership Culture and the participation and vulnerability was amazing…

Lindsay and I asked if any of the over 200 participants could relate to any of these questions:

  1. I don’t love my current job
  2. I often feel alone
  3. I often feel like an imposter
  4. There is something new I want to try but fear is holding me back
  5. I’m in a new season filled with uncertainty
  6. I know I have what it takes but I am tired and sometimes I want to quit.

Overwhelmingly, they said yes! We stood up for our sister as a group to promise to champion each other through fear and cheerlead each of our successes! We asked “What if our perceived weaknesses are what sets us apart and propel our respective industries forward?”

Here are some outstanding comments from participants of the leadership conference.



Other speaking events include:

  • Dove TV 
  • The Loft Young Girls Youth Group
  • Body Positive Fashion Show
  • Women’s Fight Night
  • SHED Talks


Women’s Fight Night is a place where we tell our story to push past shame and let other women that they are not alone!

This event was in Grants Pass although I have spoken In Medford and also Ashland. This is a wonderful community of faith based women who get real real. That’s what I love about it. There’s nothing fake or pretentious, just love and acceptance. Who doesn’t just love that?



Within these walls you are…






… with Delight

June 24th was the launch event in Medford. There was a keynote speaker who talked on finance and 3 of us that spoke about a time we needed God. The first time I need Him was when I found myself in a Rhode Island prison. What was I doing there and how will I survive?

The story is quite interesting. Prison lead me to find myself. .

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